Hi there.

I am a fullstack web developer based in Greater NYC. This site is under construction but feel free to click around and check out some of my recent projects highlighted below!

Tembo was put together by myself and my three teammates in a little over two weeks as our capstone project at Grace Hopper Academy. You can watch our presentation in the YouTube video above.

At nearly every step of this project, we ran into what we thought would be a dead-end. The technologies we used were not supposed to be compatible with one another, but we didn't take no for an answer. The biggest challenge that I personally tackled was how to emit real-time updates across multiple users' inboxes. This involved communicating with the content and background scripts, our database (Firebase), as well as the Gmail API, all while trying not to get caught in an infinite loop of updates.

I also did the styling for the native Gmail components and the dashboard, and created the interface for browsing and editing custom e-mail templates (see image below).

Because security is so important to an app like this (that has access to all of your emails, as well as everyone else's on your team!), we chose not deploy at this time. You can, however, check out our code on GitHub.

The technologies behind Tembo.

Real-time updates!

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was created by myself and 3 team members as part of a 10 day project at Grace Hopper Academy. You can check out our code on GitHub. This was a full stack application: we had to write the front and back end, using AngularJS for the front and Sequelize.js/PostgreSQL for the back.

In the beginning, I primarily pair-programmed with one of my teammates, setting up the database schema and models, writing backend routes, and connecting the front and back ends to fetch products for the main page. Aside from being my group's go-to debugger, I wrote the product search and filter features, and set up automated email responses after "purchases".

You can refine by category, search for an item, click on an item to view the product page, or add to your cart, or Trolley as the Brits say.

Clicking checkout will take you to a Stripe checkout page, and once completed, you will receive an email with your purchase details.

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For a short "palate-cleanser" in between large projects at Grace Hopper, I spent a day building my first Twitter Bot to answer pressing questions for inquiring minds.

Using the Twitter API along with the Twit npm module, I set up a stream to listen for tweet mentions, pull information from an external JSON file, and respond directly to a tweet. If it is not a Jewish holiday, the bot will respond with "NO", otherwise it will respond with the holiday and a link to that holiday's wikipedia page.

Next, I also set up my bot to be able to pull Shabbat times from the hebcal RESTful API, so if you ask it what time shabbat starts + a zip code, it will respond with that info. Because I was having too much fun, I also started working on a bot that listens for tweets that are accidental haikus, but that's still in the works.

Disclaimer: I am using a free heroku account to run my stream listener, so if you tweet @ it with a valid question and don't get a response, it probably means I've run out of free hours!

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